Custom Pet Portraits

Mary will create a pet portrait or pendant made with your pet's picture from your photos. Choose a painting style from our featured samples, or consult with us by phone or email to discuss your own ideas; we'll be happy to provide rough sketches to help you visualize the finished piece, plus a firm price quote.

A 50% deposit is required for all painted portraits. Listed prices do not include shipping, packing and insurance; actual costs will apply.

These sample paintings show a few of the different prices, styles and sizes of portraits that I can do for you.

*Please note that these paintings are samples only, and are not for sale*

How do I order a portrait?

  1. After you've reviewed these sample portraits, contact me to discuss the style and size that you prefer. We'll talk about all the details that are most important to you.
  2. Review your collection of photos of your pet, and choose pictures that show the best details of the face (especially the eyes), or a photo that you would like to have painted "as is." Or, have fun taking lots of new pictures, just for the portrait! Then mail me the photos, and I'll get to work.
  3. I'll send you a photo of the finished work before mailing, for your final approval.

If you are interested in having a custom pet portrait done, please contact Mary.
Custom pet portrait - Dog Heaven Beach by Mary W. Smith

Dog Heaven Beach

30" x 40" acrylic on stretched canvas


Custom portrait of three dogs in a realistic style with a fantasy beach setting; created from multiple photos of each dog.
Custom pet portrait - Vinnie by Mary W. Smith


20" x 20" acrylic on canvas - finished work is mounted on a painted wood panel


Custom cat portrait from a photo taken by the artist in simple contemporary style .
Custom pet portrait - Blended Family by Mary W. Smith

Blended Family

30" x 48" acrylic/collage on canvas - finished work is mounted under glass in antique window


Custom portrait of four dogs in a realistic style set in a "dog library"; created from multiple photos of the individual dogs.
Custom pet portrait - Beach Memorial by Mary W. Smith

Beach Memorial

24" x 30" acrylic on wood panel - finished work is mounted in antique window frame without glass


Includes window frame - sizes vary slightly according to availability of windows.
Custom portrait of two deceased pets and one current pet, grouped in a beach setting, created from individual photos.
Custom pet portrait - Butterfly Kitty by Mary W. Smith

Butterfly Kitty

Acrylic/mixed media collage on 16" x 20" stretched canvas


Custom cat portrait, using an enlarged, altered photo of the cat in a contemporary collage style setting.
Custom pet portrait - Weiner Dogs Rule by Mary W. Smith

Weiner Dogs Rule

Acrylic on 16" x 20" stretched canvas


Custom portrait from a daschund photo, in funky-folk-art style. Can be painted in this style for any breed of cat or dog, working with your photo and your preferred wording.
Custom pet portrait - Charlie by Mary W. Smith


Acrylic on 16" x 20" stretched canvas


Custom portrait in realistic style, from a photo taken by the artist.
Custom pet portrait - Boudreaux and Scamper by Mary W. Smith

Boudreaux and Scamper

40" x 40" acrylic on un-stretched canvas - the finished work was professionally mounted later by the clients


Custom cat portrait in realistic style from multiple photos of each cat: the spider plant background was created at the clients' request.
Custom pet portrait - Detchin by Mary W. Smith


Acrylic/collage on stretched canvas


Custom dog portrait from photos taken by the artist, in a simple contemporary style, with collaged Bible quote. Similar style can be used for any pet, with background color and words of your choice.
Custom pet portrait - Mickey and Bobo by Mary W. Smith

Mickey and Bobo

16" x 20" acrylic on stretched canvas


Portrait of two of the artist's cats, rendered directly from a single photo, in simple contemporary style.
Custom pet portrait - Julia's Cats by Mary W. Smith

Julia's Cats

24" x 30" acrylic on canvas


Portrait of three cats from the owner's photos in simple contemporary style. Completed canvas was stretched behind a multi-paned antique window frame w/out glass.
Custom pet portrait - Bobo's Portrait by Mary W. Smith

Bobo's Portrait

11" x 17" acrylic on canvas


Portrait of one of the artist's cats, a whimsical treatment with wings and the words, "Sometimes cats dream that they have wings" in simple contemporary style
Custom pet portrait - Chi-Chi Party Girls by Mary W. Smith

Chi-Chi Party Girls

16" x 20" acrylic on stretched canvas


Fanciful portrait of three Chihuahuas in funky-folk-art style. I can add sunglasses, crowns, party hats, or any accessory of your choice, to your pet's portrait.
Custom pet portrait - Precious and Her Portrait by Mary W. Smith

Precious and Her Portrait

Collection of the artist

This little pit bull mix came to us directly from the street; she was skinny and sick, and very old. Precious spent her remaining few months in the lap of luxury. She never thought she'd be so loved; she even had her own portrait painted. She didn't stay nearly long enough, but gave back a lifetime of love and smiles while she was here!
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