Laurel Burch Selections

I'm a great fan of Laurel Burch art! When I first "discovered" it, back in the 1980's, I was thrilled to see that someone was thinking creatively on the same wavelength - namely, that we really need some really colorful, whimsical cat art on scarves, on handbags and in jewelry.

So I'm proud to offer Laurel Burch pieces for sale in company with my own Red Hot Kitties creations.

My first Laurel Burch purchase was a pair of nice little cat earrings, called "Aztec Cats," which morphed into my "magical reappearing cats." As my favorite earrings of all time, I wore them everywhere, and, consequently LOST them frequently! Their travels began in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and included Japan and Singapore; yet, they always found their way back to me. Now about 30 years old, Laurel Burch's Aztec Cats are still my favorites.

So we make it a point to always have some current Laurel Burch designs for sale, alongside my own art. Laurel Burch includes the name "Kindred Spirits" on some of her cat designs. I regret that I never met Laurel Burch in person; sadly, she passed away several years ago. But I have always considered her to be a "kindred spirit," in her love of animals, in her desire to share her joy in creating art, and in her celebration of the unique qualities of cats and dogs, lions and tigers, horses, and all of God's creatures.

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